Presidential Helicopter: Marine One


The Ospreys stole the show yesterday, but nearby were two presidential helicopters, testing approaches and landings at the Seward Airport in the brutal, gusty wind. The green and white Sikorsky VH-60 helicopter becomes Marine One when the president is on board. If only the vice president or other high-ranking members are on board, it becomes Marine Two. When Marine One is in service, there are usually several other decoy helicopters flying with it to protect the president. This fleet is air-transported with the president anywhere in the world.

The VH-60N White Hawk is 64.83′ long, 53.67′ wide, and 16.83′ high. It can travel 183 mph with a maximum range of 1379 miles, and climb 700′ per minute. It looks very impressive!



More info is on the web.

Carol Griswold