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Lost Lake Run – Final Race Day Information

The Lost Lake Run is now less than a week away. In prior email updates we have provided information on Parking, Busing to the Starting Line, Running vs. Walking, and Trail Safety. If you have not had a chance to review this information, the links to these updates can be found on the Lost Lake Run facebook page (link below).

Lost Lake Run Facebook Page

This is the final update before the race, so please take a moment to review the information provided. This email update includes:

  • Photo ID Needed for Bib Pickup
  • Bib Transfers Not Allowed
  • Race Festivities and Services
  • Race Start Times, Wave Start for Runners
  • What’s at the Starting Line?
  • Red Lantern for Last One on the Mountain
  • Spectators at the Start
  • No Parking or Drop-Offs at Primrose
  • Important Dates, Times and Locations
Photo ID Needed for Bib Pickup

You will need a photo ID to pickup your bib. If you are planning to pick up your bib at the race start, be certain you bring this with you when you board the bus to the start.

No Bib Transfers

If you are registered for this year’s Lost Lake Run, but unable to participate, you are not able to transfer your bib to another runner.

We appreciate the generosity that many of you have offered to your friends when making these requests. However, we strictly adhere to the terms and conditions that were agreed upon during registration which stipulated there were no bib transfers.

Registration Terms and Conditions

Race Festivities and Services

Spaghetti Feed. There is a spaghetti feed the night prior to the Lost Lake Run, Friday, August 21, 2015, from 6 pm to 8 pm, at the Windsong Lodge. Registered participants eat for free. Guests are welcomed for a nominal $5 fee per plate. During the spaghetti feed it will be possible to pick up your bib. We will make every attempt to have enough food for everyone, but it is possible that we could run out of food. Please try to come early to ensure you do not miss out.

Finish Line. All post-race festivities and services will be located in the area between the finish line and the Bear Creek Fire Department. Look for tents that will be marking the following different activities and services:

  • T-Shirts
  • Runner Bags
  • BBQ
  • Beer
  • Hydration Station
  • Door Prizes
  • Awards
  • Guests
  • Medical Services
  • Restrooms

BBQ and Beer – *NEW* Tickets Needed. Following the race there is a BBQ in the Bear Creek Fire Station parking area. The food for the BBQ is provided by Kenai Fjord Tours, the grill is provided by ENSTAR Natural Gas, and the beer is provided by Broken Tooth Beer Company (Moose’s Tooth/Bear Tooth). Food will begin to be served at noon. Like with the spaghetti feed, we will make every attempt to have enough food for everyone, but it is possible that we could run out of food and beer. We urge you to get served as soon as you get your ticket.

To ensure that all of our registered participants are able to get a burger and a beer, we will be providing two tickets at the T-shirt pickup. One ticket is for the beer (IDs are checked at t-shirt pickup) and the other ticket is for the BBQ. Because we have a limited supply of beer, we will be limiting the beer to only those registered runners/walkers over 21 years of age. We will be selling BBQ tickets for $5 each at the Guest Services tent for those guests that are not registered for the Lost Lake Run, but would like to also get something to eat.

Medical Services. At the finish line there will be medical support provided by volunteers from the Providence Hospital.

Hydration Station. Located next to medical services at the finish line will be a tent with two tables offering water, gatorade, and oranges (while they last) to assist with rehydrating following the run.

Runners Bags. If you left a bag with us at the starting line, you can collect it again at the Runner’s Bag station, located near the Bear Creek Fire Station.

T-Shirts and Tickets — BIB NEEDED. Bring your bib to the t-shirt station to pickup your runner’s shirt and the tickets for beer (for those over 21) and the BBQ.

Door Prizes. Each year we solicit donations from local retailers and restaurants that are used as door prizes. Following the start of the race, we randomly select bib numbers. Come to the Door Prize tent to see if your bib number was drawn for a door prize.


Guest Services. If you would like to purchase a plate for the BBQ for a guest, these are available for $5 each, with a limited supply available. These BBQ tickets can be purchased at the Guest Services tent. Guest Services will also have Lost and Found items and can answer any other questions you might have.

Awards and Announcements. Awards and announcements will be made from the announcers tent, located near the Bear Creek Fire Station. The Awards Ceremony will begin at approximately 1:30 pm.

Race Start Times, Wave Start for Runners

There are two starting times:

  • 8 AM, for Walkers
  • 10 AM, for Runners

The runners will be started in four waves to reduce the impact on the trail head where the runners converge at the start. We will have markers along the race chute at the start that indicate your finish time. We ask that the runners organize themselves in the chute in accordance with their finish time. We will then start each group approximately 3 minutes apart. There will be four waves:

  • Finish in under 2 hours
  • Finish in 2 to 2.5 hrs
  • Finish in 2.5 to 3 hrs
  • Finish in over 3 hrs
What’s at the Starting Line?

You need to get to the Bear Creek Fire Station with plenty of time to get a bus to the starting line. Please (please, please) plan ahead. The first bus leaves at 6:30 am and the last bus leaves at 9:30 am.

Once you get to the starting line, there will be hot coffee, water to fill your water bottles, and many restrooms. If you did not pick up your bib the night before at the spaghetti feed, you can pick it up at the starting line. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PHOTO ID to get your bib. No ID, No Bib, No Exceptions.

Also, we have a runner’s bag area where you can drop off items that you would like to have us take to the finish line (versus you lugging them with you along the trail). So if you want to bring a warm jacket and sweat pants to the starting line, we will give you a bag that you can put these items into, tie it shut, label, and then have us take to the finish line where you can retrieve it.

Red Lantern for Last One on the Mountain

This year we will be giving the last person out of the chute a small, lightweight, battery-powered Red Lantern. Attached to the lantern will be an orange Spot Satellite tracking and emergency alert device.

If you are holding the Red Lantern, and you pass someone on the trail, you need to pass the Lantern to the person you are passing. We want the Red Lantern to be with the last person on the trail at all times.

The Red Lantern will signal to the Boy Scout Troop at the top that they can break camp and begin to sweep the trail. If you are carrying the Red Lantern, please let the scouts at the top of the trail know you when you are passing through.

The Spot device will allow us to track the last person on the trail. And, if there is an emergency, the Spot device can be used to signal for help.

Spectators at the Start

If you have come to cheer a friend or family member at the start, you will need to board a bus at Bear Creek with the race participants to get to the starting line.

We will hold one bus back in the morning to transport the spectators back to Bear Creek.

No Parking or Drop-Offs at Primrose

The road from the highway to the starting line at the Primrose Campground is very narrow in places. Because we have a large number of people that need to be safely transported by bus from Bear Creek to the starting line, there will be no vehicles allowed onto the road from the highway.

There is no parking available at Primrose and there are no drop-offs at Primrose. All runners must come to the Bear Creek Fire Station and board a bus to the starting line.

Important Dates, Times, and Locations
  • Friday, August 21, 2015 – Bib pickup from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Windsong Lodge, in Seward. Free to registered participants, $5 for each guest.
  • Saturday, August 22, 2015 – Bib pickup from 7 am to 10 am at the starting line.

For more information about the race, please visit our website.

I hope your training has gone well this summer. Please pray for no rain.

Thank You,
Patrick Simpson

Lost Lake Run


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