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Fukushima monitoring project season two




In an ongoing effort to monitor the detectable radiation escaping into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima Japan, Seward will again take part in an annual water sampling at the head of our bay. Last year Resurrecton Bay Conservation Alliance partnered with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on this project to gain a better understanding of how ocean currents are dispersing radioactive isotopes along the western coast of the United States. In the study, Seward is one of six Alaska communities who collected and analyzed local water samples. This information was added to hundreds of other samples collected along the western US to help create a visual map of where radiation is going and at what levels it is present.

Since radiation is still escaping from Fukushima, RBCA decided to fund another sampling this year. This information will aid in creating a data set which will help us attain a better understanding of the potential effects ocean-bourn radiation spills may have on our communities and the western United States. Our sample will be taken sometime this month and results should be available in early October. Last year’s results are available at the Woods Hole Oceanographic website at:


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