Borough Assembly Report

19 May 2015 Borough Assembly Meeting Report

By Sue McClure


Please note that these reports are intended to inform constituents of the items that mostly concern District 6, and as a guide to obtain further information if desired. They are not complete summaries of the meetings.


The May 19 meeting day included the last of the budget reports from departments and from the “non-departmentals”. Reports from May 5 and this meeting are available on the borough website for public viewing, as is the entire F’Y 2016 budget.


We heard a presentation from Larry Burgess, from Blue Crest Energy, regarding the Cosmopolitan Development Project, which will be drilling for oil just North of Anchor Point (at Mile 151 of the Sterling Highway). They expect to have about 20 wells on shore, gas offshore, and consider this to be a 30-year project, beginning to have oil by April of 2016.



We enacted Ordinance 2015-10 by a 6-3 vote, which increases the E911 surcharge from $1.80 to $2.00 per phone. There was no public input on this. The main ordinance of the night was Ordinance 2015-19, the fiscal year 2016 budget. Although teleconference sites were available in Seward and Homer, no one showed up to testify at either location. After only 3 members of the public spoke, several amendments were offered by assembly members, attempting to limit or eliminate non-departmental funding, which resulted only in a small decrease in funding for KPEDD. There will be a final public hearing on June 2, at which further amendments likely will be presented, and then the budget finalized.


Several resolutions were on the agenda. One was defeated 4-5, which would have acknowledged the community-formed K-Beach High Water Task Force. I voted no on this one. This was sponsored by Mr. Wolf, and was discussed at length before being defeated. During the Finance Committee meeting, earlier in the day, Mr. Welles gave a 15-minute presentation on his findings concerning the K-Beach drainage issues.


Four ordinances were introduced, including one amending code concerning Utility Special Assessment Districts (USAD’s) and one amending the code concerning Road Improvement Assessment Districts (RIAD’s). These were explained to us section by section during the Policies and Procedures Committee meeting. The ordinance causing the most discussion was Ordinance 2015-14, sponsored by Mr. Bagley, Mr. Ogle, and Mr. Wolf. This would remove waterways from the anadromous stream habitat protection in KPB Chapter 21.18, and then add only the Kenai River Watershed District and the Kasilof River Watershed District to the protection. For reference you might look up Ordinances 2011-12 and 2013-18, which dealt with this subject.


The next meeting will be June 2 at 6 PM. The primary topic will be the budget. The borough’s website www.kpb.us contains videos of our meetings and much more. I can be reached at 491-0828 or smcclure@kpb.us, and the Seward Annex office at Sea View Plaza is a great source of borough-wide information.