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How to Get a Great Logo for Your Business

Are you in need of a great logo for your business or project, or want to update your image?


I recently graduated from the Staging Diva Home Staging Training program. The program offers a great step by step plan to set up and market a home staging business as well as tons of inspiration! Some advice from the program was to get a professional looking photo and logo to make a great first impression with potential clients. Debra Gould, the “Staging Diva” mentioned an option of using to run a logo contest and develop your professional logo, which I tried with great success.


First, you write a creative brief describing your image, goals, target market and “who you are”. This helped me refine my own vision for my business. You can supply pictures, documents, and design ideas to help them see your vision. As a wildlife biologist in Alaska, I love color and the natural beauty of Alaska’s landscapes and wanted to highlight that in my work. I also wanted my finished work to inspire the same reaction people have when they see northern lights, which are most commonly described as “magical”. So my name, Northern Lights Home Staging and Design, and tagline, “make magic happen” was born.


I gave the designers two potential ideas: one of a house surrounded by mountains with northern lights, and the second of viewing mountains and northern lights from inside a home looking out. I also let them know colors I liked, who my target market was and the image I wanted my business to project.



You select a package stating how much you are willing to pay for your logo. The more you pay, the more top quality designers may enter your contest from their marketplace of 950,000 designers. The minimum price is $299.

I had 10 different designers submit  logos. You provide feedback through a “star rating” or private messages to help them refine the designs. After 3 days, you decide if you have designs you like and want to continue with the contest or drop out and pay nothing. You then select your top 6 designers to continue working with. On day 7, you pick your winner.

A great feature is that you can run a “poll” at any time of your favorite designs for your “target market”. The poll generates a link that you can post on Facebook, Twitter or through email. Polls made my friends aware of my new business and they gave great feedback and enjoyed helping to shape the logo for my new venture.

My winning designer, “Youimage” from Italy developed a beautiful design and was great to work with! I love the way the window shutters are located so that you are viewing the northern lights as if you are standing outside and looking at them inside the house.


I spent a lot of time giving feedback to get what I wanted, and you can spend as much time as you choose. I  reviewed 107 designs from designers from around the world. The experience gave me a great logo, helped me focus on the direction I want to take my business and provided an opportunity to engage my target market and advertise my new business at the same time.

If you are starting a new business, want to update your image or need a great logo for a project, I hope this is helpful. Best of luck!

Mary Ann BenoitNorthern Lights Home Staging and


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