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City LogoNews Update from City Manager, Jim Hunt –

Regarding Lowell Point Lagoon:

The city is announcing a new reporting tool for residents of Lowell Point.  Residents are encouraged to call the Seward Police Department’s non-emergency line at dispatch to report unusual odors. The number is: 224-4022.   Reporting persons will be asked to give their name, where the odor was detected, how long it lasted, and a contact number. This information will be immediately forwarded to Public Works Director Casey and City Manager Hunt.  We hope this increases the level of communication during this process.



Regarding the bird diverter install at the lagoon on Third Avenue:

On Wednesday, February 11, two electric department employees began attaching diverters on the lines at Benny Benson Park with the intent of moving southward. Unfortunately, the diverters did not attach as advertised. For every attached diverter seen on the lines, two fell off during the install making the install’s labor expense unfeasible. The electric department is now striving to acquire a better diverter and will install as soon as possible. The city is also working to purchase and install bird deterrents to prevent larger birds of prey accidental deaths.