FREE bins! Hurry!

Two aluminum can recycling bins were replaced today with nicely painted ones. Anyone who would like to recycle one or both old bins for a chicken coop, dog house, wood storage, etc. please contact c_griz at yahoo.com. First person to email me, first serve, as is. The bins measure approximately 4’x5’ and are 4’ tall on the short side. They are free, but you must haul them away soon. A donation in any amount to the Girl Scouts, who recycle the aluminum cans, is greatly appreciated.

Included for free is an historic sign in the shape of an aluminum can with the original 15 businesses who helped fund the materials to build a set of bins back in 1992. Of the 14, only Kenai Fjords Tours, Alaska Shop, Metco, Fish House, and Seward Fisheries are still in business with the same name. Others have changed names or have gone out of business: Eagle Quality Center, Yukon Liquor, Seward Building Supply, Suneel, Bardarson Studio, Harbor Fuel, Marathon Fuel, Swenson Construction, Seward Marine Services.

Look for the aluminum can recycling bins on Third Avenue just north of Safeway, and by the Seward Marine Sciences Building.

Who knew that aluminum can recycling would still be going strong all these years? Many thanks to Girl Scout leader Phyllis Shoemaker and Chris Polasek of Troop 286 and all the Girl Scouts who have kept the program going.

Thanks to all the people who take time to recycle valuable aluminum cans. Please remember that steel/tin cans are not recyclable here; use a magnet if in doubt. Steel/tin cans will be attracted to a magnet, aluminum will not. Also, no trash, glass bottles, or plastic beverage containers. Recycling just aluminum cans makes the job so much easier for the kids and leaders.

And finally, a huge thank you to the Harbor staff for delivering the nice bins so quickly. That was a tremendous job!



Carol Griswold





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