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Seward Middle School eats their Fruits and Veggies

Click link for FOX Alaska News story on Seward Middle School: Seward Middle School eats their Fruits and Veggies.

According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than quadrupled in adolescents – and folks in the city of Seward have decided to do something about it.

Seward Middle School is competing for the nutri-bullet program – which empowers students with first-hand knowledge and appreciation of healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s a 90-day program that educates student’s about the benefits of consuming fruits and veggies by providing fresh produce so the students can start their days with a healthy smoothie.

“At our middle school we have grades six, seven, and eight. and every single one of the classes have PE every single day,” says Angie Hammer,  “and we have PE for fifty minutes a period.  I try to do the best that I can to keep these guys as active as possible as much as that time as possible.”


Research shows that students who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to participate in class, score higher on tests, and have fewer sick days.  They also have decreased waist sizes, clearer skin, and report increased energy and mental focus, as well as improved sleep.

Seward is competing nationally to become one of five schools to win a $10,000 grant to run their own 90-day program to teach kids healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

“This is an expensive class to run so it’s very challenging to have the equipment that I need, like I am bringing in equipment from home,” says Carlyn Nichols.   “I am borrowing equipment from friends and it is expensive and we already ask a significant contribution from part of the students and the parents.  The community has helped us out but, I still don’t have high functioning blenders that can break down frozen fruits and stuff for smoothies.  I don’t have mixers.  I don’t have everything I need to produce the high quality of scratch and nutritious foods that these kids really need to learn to make.”

Now that the submission process is closed – Seward Middle School needs help winning the contest.  They are encouraging folks to tweet support using the hashtag #bethenextuni.  Seward Middle School will find out January 15th if they are one of the schools that are selected.



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