2 September 2014 Borough Assembly Report

2 September 2014 Borough Assembly Report

By Sue McClure


Our meeting was dominated by ordinances (11) accepting and appropriating grants from the state totaling over $6 million. All were passed by unanimous consent, including $500,000 for the Seward Bear Creek Flood Service Area for flood mitigation projects, $4 million for the Road Service Area for road projects, and $545,400 for revenue sharing for the 27 unincorporated qualifying communities. Two were postponed until our 9-16 meeting pending service area approval. These involved the Bear Creek Fire Service Area—for $100,000 for completion and startup costs for the new fire station, and a grant for rescue equipment.


We also passed, by unanimous consent, an amended Ordinance 2014-29 that extends the deadline for application for senior citizen and disabled veteran exemptions from February 15 to March 31, retroactive to January 1, 2014. A grant from US Department of Homeland Security for $15,200 for Bear Creek Fire for turnout gear was passed as well. And, an additional $38,778.85 for federal disaster costs from the October 2013 floods was accepted from the state.



In resolutions we approved a request to that the Upper Cook Inlet finfish meeting of 2017 be held on the peninsula, and authorized the reissuance of bonds to lower interest costs.


Six ordinances were introduced. Ordinance 2013-19-43 records the state payment of $2.9 million in unfunded PERS liability, to be heard on 9-16.


As always, you can see the entire agenda on the borough’s website www.borough.kenai.ak.us. There are copies at the Seward Annex office in Sea View Plaza, the Seward Library, and elsewhere. I’m available for questions at 224-6784 or smcclure@borough.kenai.ak.us. Our next meeting will be 9-16 at 6 PM in Homer, and it should be broadcast as usual.


My community meeting schedule has been set. These meetings are for the unincorporated, qualifying communities to present their revenue sharing and capitol projects requests. I’ll be in Sterling at the Elementary School at 7 PM on September 23, sharing that meeting with Charlie Pierce who represents the rest of Sterling and Funny River. Then on Saturday September 27 I’ll meet with Lowell Point at 9:30 AM at the Penny Hardy center, Moose Pass at 1 PM at the community center, and Cooper Landing at 3 PM at the Cooper Landing School.

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