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USCG HEALY works for Seward

Today until noon, two parties of USCG Healy are working on community projects to spruce up parks and improve safety.

You will see one group at the south end of the Lagoon by the Rotary pavilion. They are removing the remnants of the boardwalk that was deemed no longer safe. Hopefully, they will also have time to remove old railroad ties in the little picnic park are below the pavilion, because new policy dictates the removal of creosote and railroad ties.


The second group may have more fun up at First Lake. They are sanding the small picnic gazebo which has been hit over and again by graffiti. Depending on how quickly they progress, they may have time to repaint or stain. Stop by to see the recent ADA improvements, too.

Seward Parks & Recreation appreciates the crew of the Healy! Happy birthday, USCG! Welcome to Seward! Thank you.


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