Phoenix Taxi rides again

jack jack 2

“QuackerJack” and his well “ducked out” taxi were involved in a serious T-bone accident several weeks ago that totaled the original Phoenix Taxi.

But Jack would like all to know that you can’t keep a good man down-or him. And like the Phoenix of old, this Phoenix has also risen from the ashes.


Once again Jack and his adorned taxi can be seen  gracing the streets of Seward. If you listen, you might hear the sounds of his famous duck call echoing off the gramophone on the roof.




  1. Quacker Jack’s taxi is even more splendid than before! What a wonderful sight, especially Jack, after such a terrible accident. Best wishes! Carol Griswold

  2. Yes,
    I’m so glad to see Jack and his cab up and running again after seeing how damaged the old vehicle looked. I really had feared the worst. Wishing him a speedy recovery from his injuries.