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Expedition Yacht visits Seward on world cruise

IMG_7434-superyacht-Dorothea-IIIAnchored serenely offshore of the busy Waterfront Campground, the impressive expedition yacht Dorothea III dwarfed the six-packs zooming back to the boat harbor with their silver salmon bounty. The 147′ vessel is on a spectacular world cruise from Australia to the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Singapore. After visiting Alaska, it will go through the Panama Canal and back to Florida. It last docked in Dutch Harbor after crossing the North Pacific from Japan. The yacht was built in Hong Kong in 2007 and flies the flag of the Marshall Islands. Her owners are Steven and Dorothea Green of Florida, Mr. Green is ¬†founder and chairman of Greenstreet Partners, a private merchant bank, and the couple created¬†the Green Family Foundation.

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