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Baneberry alert

Baneberry berries are now shiny, bright red, and very attractive. These berries are not poisonous to wildlife, but just 2 to 3 berries can kill a child. Look for the cluster of berries sticking up from a 2 to 3 foot high plant growing in shady places in the forest, meadows, and moist slopes. Rarely, the berries are white and are called Doll’s Eyes. These berries are equally poisonous to people.

Another red-berried plant is the Red Elderberry, a large shrub. The birds especially love these berries, even when green, but the seeds are poisonous to people. Before making red elderberry wine or jelly, the seeds must be strained out.

Enjoy the other red berries like raspberries, salmonberries, nagoonberries, and watermelon berries, but leave the Baneberries alone.

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