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SPRD Bulletin July 28




15 Adventure Campers headed out to Caines Head for a campout on July 23rd. A huge thank you goes out to Miller’s Landing for sponsoring the water taxi to and from Caines Head. The kids will be hiked the Alpine and South Beach trails as well as playing flashlight tag around the bunkers among other fun activities.

There are a lot of new faces at TYC as both Regular Day Camp and Adventure Camp reached capacity this week with 52 registered. This is a first in several years! Next week as well as the final week of camp are quickly approaching capacity as well.

Campers enjoyed a visit to Turning Heads Kennel on Tuesday July, 22 owned and operated by locals Travis Beals and Sarah Stokey, for dog sled tours and other activities. Campers enjoyed the ride immensely calling it a “roller coaster with dogs.” Campers also enjoyed dog sled themed activities and games as well as down time with the puppies.

Hiking Club will conclude this coming Monday with a hike up Mt. Alice. Hiking Club continues to be a huge success in exposing kids the best parts of our great state and giving them the skills and knowledge to explore the back country with confidence. Hiking Club’s mission was two-fold in that it has also been preparing some of the kids for an overnight Adventure Camp trip up to Harding Ice field on August 6th. The kids will be packing their own gear to the top. Ranger Luke Rosier from the National Park Service will be leading the overnight and training the kids on proper packing skills, Leave-No-Trace ethic as well as other topics prior to the trip that week. We are very grateful for our new and exciting partnership with NPS and look forward to growing the program in the coming years.

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Recreation Softball:

Congratulations Petey’s Penguins on winning the Recreational Softball League Championship in 2014.  This year in the Seward Recreational Softball League, there were seven teams that played on Tuesday nights, starting in June.  The teams that participated this year were; the Lumpsuckers, Petey’s Penguins, the City Sluggers, QNT Bay City Boomers, Major Marine, and the Law Dawgs.  There were many close games, many exciting come from behind wins, and a lot of fun this year at the ball park.  We are grateful that there were no serious injuries and everyone was safe.  Petey’s Penguins started in the tournament as the third seed and won the championship, defeating the runner up City Sluggers who started as the fourth seed.  The first seeded Lumpsuckers took third place and the second seeded team, Major Marine took fourth.  Seaview won the team sportsmanship trophy and congratulations to Seaview for your sportsmanship, example, and for showing us all to have fun.  There were many intense and dramatic come backs and close games in the tournament that made a fun and competitive atmosphere for the players, umpires, and fans.  Thank you to the managers for your time and for passing important information to your team.  Thank you to the volunteer umpires, who volunteered there nights, and time to umpire the games and to learn the rules and do their very best at making many close calls.  Looking ahead to a great and exciting season next year.

Petey's Penguins
Petey’s Penguins took first place in the SPRD Recreational Softball League playoffs
City Sluggers
The City Sluggers were the runners up in the SPRD Recreational Softball League playoffs















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