Helicopter hauls out crashed Cessna

Monday afternoon, I happened to see a helicopter flying out of Godwin Glacier valley with an unusual and tragic load dangling from a long cable. It was a small white and blue plane with a bent right wing, missing right wheel, and bent prop. The helo carefully descended with the damaged plane to the Seward Airport and set it down. Later, I stopped by the airport. The plane is a Cessna 180H Skywagon, registered to Allen Thomas of Wasilla. I have not heard or seen  any further details about this accident, but I hope the pilot, and passengers, if any, are OK.

Update: A local pilot said the plane had the accident while attempting to land on Montague Island in Prince William Sound. Fortunately, the pilot was not injured. The helicopter chose the most direct route from Montague, right over Godwin Glacier valley, to the Seward Airport.

Submitted by Carol Griswold






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