City of Seward

Can any one give me some information on Seward?

Hello my name is Nikki, an I was wondering if any one could answer some of my questions about Seward? I am planning to use this in my upcoming book I am writing, which I can not find much on but any information you give could help me out.

High school info that I need.
– Can anyone give me info in the shape of the school? (Like a blueprint, class #’s .. ect)
– How many students are in Seward high school?
– What time does school start and finish in high school?
– What classes does a grade 11th and 12th grade have?
– What clubs does the school have?
– How many credits do you need to Graduate?


Other info I need.
– Is there a lot of crime there?
– How good are the police there?
Weather questions.
– How cold does it usually get and when does it become cold?
– How are the roads during winter?
– How warm does it usually get to? When is it’s hottest?

If any one could answer some of these, please leave a comment or email me at Thank you so much for reading!


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