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British Soccer Camp Letter of Thanks

SPRD LOGOJuly 3rd, 2014


Dear Editor:

Thank you for the excellent outcome of the 2014 British Soccer Camps.  This was an excellent event this year, with over 50 athletes, practicing, and strengthening their soccer skills, and athletic development and performance.  The British Soccer Camp had three excellent coaches that we are so grateful for.  We are already looking forward to the British Soccer Camp in 2015!  We hope to double our participants, and bring three coaches back.

Thank you to our dedicated and committed coaches and the staff from Challenger Sports.  We are thankful for their time, great attitudes, great coaching knowledge, customer service and care and concern they showed to the athletes and parents.  Thank you for the awesome jerseys, great t-shirts, and cool soccer balls that each athlete was given.  Our coaches were; Michael Eckersley from Manchester, England, Matthew Parker, from Leeds, England, and John Evans, from Belfast, England.  Thank you to Dan Leeming, who is the Regional Business Manager with Challenger Sports.  Dan did a great job making him-self available to the Sports and Rec. staff, the coaches, and to the parents and athletes and answering their important questions.  Dan sent us our three great coaches this year, made sure we had enough t-shirts, and soccer balls, and was always in contact with Sports and Rec. before, during, and after the camp to make sure everything was going at its best.  Thank you very much to Myla and Tom Liljemark for housing the three coaches and providing housing, food, and helping the coaches feel comfortable in Seward, answering their questions, and sharing with them great activities that they could go do to experience Seward, while they were here.  The coaches were very appreciative and thankful for the hospitality from Myla, Tom, and their family.  Thank you for the friendship you gave the coaches Myla and Tom.  We are grateful for the facilities at Seward High School.  Thank you to Seward High School and to the Kenai Borough School District for allowing us to use the field for the week.  Thank you for your participation athletes, and thank you parents for your support of this great camp.

The British Soccer Camp of 2014 had many great competitors.  The weather was cloudy most of the week, with a couple days of hard rain, and we thank the coaches for working through the rain, and for persevering through the rain.  We are excited to see you back next year.





Casey Wright

Sports and Recreation Staff

City of Seward

Main Ph: 907-224-4054

Seward Parks & Recreation

P.O. Box 167, Seward, AK 99664



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