Vintage Warbird lands in Seward

A meticulously restored and maintained trainer plane from WWII landed this afternoon at the Seward Airport, causing quite a stir. The gleaming silver plane is from the Wings of Freedom Alaska Flying Museum based at Merrill Field in Anchorage.

A short time later the pilot and passenger returned. A smiling, white-haired woman loaded up behind the pilot, buckled the H harness and put on her headset. Then the pilot, Dick Benner, climbed in front, strapped in, slid the canopy shut and prepared for take-off.

A low rumbling filled the air as the plane revved up for takeoff. After a snappy 360ยบ spin, the plane taxied to the long runway and gained speed. I was amazed to watch it take off flying low, then turn and lift up sharply like a rocket. The G forces probably pinned the pair to their seats. This plane still has a lot of pizazz! Then off to Anchorage they flew. What an extraordinary sight!

Carol Griswold






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  1. Awesome!