Resurrection Rentals acquires old Bear Creek Fire Department Warehouse

By Dot Bardarson –
In May, Marsh Creek Enterprises called Rolf and Carol Bardarson to offer them the opportunity of salvaging the old Bear Creek Fire Department warehouse.  Marsh Creek was the general contractor for the newly constructed Fire Hall for the Bear Creek Fire Deparment.  Their contract with the fire department included the demolition of the warehouse which will make room for the fire trucks to depart from the new building.  This was also advantageous to the borough to keep the building functioning and generating taxable property. The Bardarson’s took them up on their offer, but first they had to find a place to put it.
Rolf Bardarson was able to acquire a place to put it at the convergence of Nash Road with Old Nash Road. This property has been an eyesore for people passing by for many years.   His first job, of course, was to remove the junk from the property. He then had to raise the level of the property by 4 feet and build a foundation to receive the metal warehouse.


 He called Greenstreet Housemoving in Anchorage and set the date.  This is not the first time Rolf has used Greenstreet.  They moved his home from the Lost Lake Subdivision to Camelot in 2011.
June 12 was the day of the big move.  Rolf says, “I cannot say enough about the co-operation of the City of Seward, GCI, and Tel-Alaska and their willingness to come out and facilitate this move.”  And of course, the experience and efficiency of Greenstreet was once again demonstrated.  They arrived the day before and set up the metal beams and dollies that would transport the building. So at precisely noon that day, they rolled it onto the highway for the 25 minute trip, which included the railroad crossing on Nash Road.  Harmon Construction was called in to assist with technical connections.
The Port-A-Pottie business will be re-located from its downtown location. The warehouse will provide an indoor place for its pumper truck and a shop for repairs, and free up space at the 4th and B location of Resurrection Rentals.


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