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Best Seller Sure to Excite Community

Glen Klinkhart signs copies of his best seller "Finding Bethany"
Glen Klinkhart signs copies of his best seller “Finding Bethany”

By Alexis DeLeon for SCN – The Seward Library Association or Friends of the Library hosted a Q & A with Klinkhart the author of the Alaskan best seller “Finding Bethany.”

“I had received a call from Glen originally. He said he was touring with his book and really wanted to come to Seward,” Seward Library Association coordinator Mary Tougas said.
Seward citizens and fans of “Finding Bethany” filled into the first floor of the Seward Library eager with questions to ask Klinkhart. Participants asked a large array of questions from what techniques were used in interrogations to what advice the author would give to other authors.

“The first thing you need to know is that everyone is going to lie to you,” Klinkhart said. “I learned that early on but luckily I had already learned to be a neutral, objective, fact finder.”

Klinkhart kept the audience riveted as he discussed his former years being a cyber cop and a detective. 17 years of dealing with socio-paths, criminals and exhaustion not only inspired Klinkhart to write “Finding Bethany” but also lead to his dedication to being a father to his son.

“Writing ‘Finding Bethany’ put a lot of my careers into perspective. I was a cyber cop and a homicide detective but now I want to be a dad,” Klinkhart said.

Klinkhart’s book signing marked the first for the year-old Seward Community Library and Museum. Plans for future signings are already in the works.
“We would love to host more events like this one,” Tougas said. “In fact we have already been approached by two other local authors. We are also looking to sponsor a young woman who was recognized by National Geographic.”


Tougas is passionate about Friends of the Library for several reasons. Friends of the Library hosts events such as the “Finding Bethany” signing in order to make the public aware about supporting programs that promote education and literacy.

Those looking to get involved with Friends of the Library can join for $10 which includes a year long membership, special privileges and supports education and literacy programs such as the Summer Reading Program which began June 7, 2014.
The Seward Community Library and Museum now contains two copies of Klinkhart’s “Finding Bethany” available for check out to patrons. The best seller can also be purchased at the Cover to Cover bookstore on Fourth st.

“It was important for me to come to Seward because everything about my book is Alaskan. My editor, the proof readers and the cover art you see was all done by Alaskan citizens,” Klinkhart said.

The author inspires those facing discouraging words to persevere.

“Just because someone tells you no, doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. After eighty-seven ‘no’s’ I finally received a ‘yes’ and now I have a best seller in Alaska,” Klinkhart said.

Author Glen Klinkhart (right) signs copies of "Finding Bethany"
Author Glen Klinkhart (right) jokes with citizens at book signing

The true crime memoir unfolds the years of work it took Klinkhart and others within the Alaska Police Department to find the killer of Bethany Correira, a young woman from Talkeetna who moved to Anchorage for college. In 2003 Correira was murdered by, Michael Lawson, the man who managed her apartment building. Klinkhart says he also wanted to tell the stories of the dedicated people who helped solve the case in big and small ways.

“Finding Bethany” is now available on for Kindle and Nook downloads. Klinkhart will continue the tour in Fairbanks and onward to Talkeetna.



  1. Welcome to Seward Alexis! Thanks for coming to our event and for the great article here on SCN! Hope to see you around the Library Museum. Mary Tougas-SCLA President