Thank You from the sixth graders of Seward Elementary

Dear Seward Residents,

The 2014 sixth grade class of Seward Elementary would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the community of Seward. There have been countless occasions when individuals and groups of individuals within our community have offered support to our class, helping to make this a memorable year. As the final sixth grade class of Seward Elementary, we truly appreciate your contributions to our education and are grateful for the exceptional opportunities afforded to us through your contributions. We would especially like to thank, in no particular order, the following individuals and businesses for their donations of time, expertise, resources and/or money:

Binget Nilsson

Maya Benavente Moriarty

Nita Hollingsworth

Seward PTSA

Rob and Cindy Pack

Danny Seavey

Rangers CJ, Luke, Adam and all the other local park service folks who helped us with various projects

Salmon Bake


Annika’s Guesthouse

Integrity Realty

Seward Fisheries

Shirley Diekgraeff


Petro Marine

Hettick family

Harmon Construction


Bardy’s Trail Rides

Glacier Family Medicine

Seward Family Dentistry

Harbor Street Creamery

Kenai Fjords Tours

All of our students’ families


Most sincerely,

Katy Jurney Scrivo, Bob Barnwell and the 2014 Sixth Graders of Seward Elementary



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