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Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon Appreciation

May 6, 2014

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the successful turnout of the 2014 Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon.  We are grateful for the committed sponsors, competitive athletes, dedicated volunteers, the TYC Councils, and the maintenance staff of the schools, to allow for such a great triathlon.  With the committed individuals and teams that worked together to run, compete, and organize an excellent Pink Cheeks Triathlon in 2014, we are excited and look forward to the 2015 Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon.

PinkCheeks2The committed sponsors for this tournament were the: Polar Bear Association, Seward Volunteer Fire Department, Seward High School, Seward Middle School, Seward Elementary School, TYC Councils, and over 140 community volunteers.  Thank you to the PW and PMC crews.  Great job!

Thank you Polar Bear Association for your financial commitment to this exciting and very popular triathlon, and helping to fund this event which has brought people from all over Alaska to the amazing city of Seward.  Thank you, Seward Volunteer Fire Department for your strong commitment and solid organization, helping to organize and direct traffic safely.  We want to thank Seward High School, Seward Middle School, and Seward Elementary School for the use of their facilities, parking lots, and pool to make Pink Cheeks possible.  Thank you volunteers for your many hours before, during and after the race.  Thank you volunteers for your ideas and input, which greatly made this triathlon, run smoothly.  Thank you TYC Councils for your planning, organization, setting up and taking down of the race you are much appreciated.  Thank you to all who cleaned up after the race.  Thank you to all of you who swept and graded roads, marked the race trail, and flagged the race keeping it safe for the racers.

The triathlon is grateful to the many teams, and individual competitor.  This year in 2014 Pink Cheeks Triathlon, we had friendly competition, great sportsmanship, the love of racing, and ended the triathlon with happy faces and a safe environment.  Thank you for the competitive spirits, good sportsmanship, and for creating a safe and fun environment to all in attendance.  We are grateful for each team, and athlete’s participation and excitement, and hope to see you next year.  We are excited for the 2014 teams and individual racers to return next year, and are encouraging new teams and individual competitors to sign up and compete in the 2015 Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon.  We want this triathlon to continue to grow, and extend in popularity throughout the state of Alaska.   See you all next year at the very popular and growing 2015 Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon in Seward, Alaska.




Sports and Recreation Staff

City of Seward


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