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Live music today at 2PM

Live Music Today @ 2:00pm
Tom McDermott piano player
Take a break this afternoon!
Hey everyone, since it’s a rainy day in Seward and we’re all settling down after a busy 3 day weekend why not stop in @ Resurrect Art Coffee House for a nice cuppa tea or coffee and a treat and enjoy an impromptu show by Tom McDermott ( )?  He is visiting Alaska from New Orleans and is looking to meet other musicians as well as entertain us.


“Mr. McDermott is not simply a follower of tradition or a repository of old tunes. He composes within his wide-ranging idiom with a knowledgeable feeling for his sources and a sense of humor.” -John S. Wilson, New York Times, 1986
“To single out one New Orleans jazz musician for being talented and likeable is absurd. But, not long after moving here, Margaret and I were at a night club with friends when Tom McDermott, a thin, sandy-haired man, shuffled up to our table…A few minutes later, McDermott took the stage, sat down at the piano, and set it on fire. He can do anything. We’ve heard him play ragtime, ‘trad jazz,’ swing, choros from Brazil, musettes from France, and any number of other genres. He doesn’t just play tunes, either. He writes his own. How many other American musicians are writing musettes, for heaven’s sake?…We have all of Tom’s CDs, so when we’re shuffling our iPod through our stereo, it seems that every third song is being played by Tom McDermott. That’s fine with us.” -Dan Baum, New, May 23, 2007


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