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Holland America Funds Technical Rope Rescue Training

2014-05-22 - HA Check to Bear Creek Fire Dept
Dot Bardarson (center) presents a check to Bear Creek Fire Department from Holland America. May 22, 2014

On May 22, Bear Creek Fire Department accepted a check from Holland America for a training program designed to prepare rescuers to use ropes in what they call “Technical Rope Rescue Training.”


This will be an intense 3-day, 24 hour training in rope rescue fundamentals on high and low-angle rescue techniques.  The course covers skills used in mountain, industrial and confined space rescues. The department was looking for help funding 2 full body harnesses and associated equipment.  This would be beneficial in a tour bus accident down an embankment to get personnel down and passengers up, or with a mountain rescue (think Mt. Marathon), or industrial incidents. The training is open to public safety agencies such as other fire departments or state parks.

For more information contact Bear Creek Fire Dept. 224-3344


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