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Graduating Seahawks spread their wings

Parents and well-wishers aligned the gym floor at Seward High School Tuesday night to gaze upon the parade of Seahawks in caps and gowns.

The ceremony was kicked off by Valedictorian Ashley Von Borstel thanking her friends, family and the “awesome” faculty in addition to a very sentimental and encouraging dialogue.

Principal Trevan Walker then announced the salutatorian, Nick Zweifel, who earned an impressive $120,000 scholarship from ROTC to pursue an education in aeronautics.

The graduation ceremony at the Seward High School Gymnasium, May 20, 2014


Mr. Chad Hinders, the social studies teacher, gave a real crowd pleasing speech. Reflecting on his Facebook Page that was created by a student and titled, “Things Mr. Hinders Says”, it is filled with clever and sometimes avant-garde quotes he has stated during class. Mr. Hinders says comically “it has 344 Like’s, so I am kind of a big deal!”. When learning of the page for the first time, he admitted he was a little scared that he “was being monitored”. Ultimately he admits he was honored that someone was at least paying attention to what he was saying. He rattled off a few of his quotes with an emphasis on the last one he mentioned: “I think people that yell YOLO should be punched in the face”. YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once, and is slang word to be shouted by anyone that has done something stupid. The students cheered at that one, while the adults were unfazed due to lack of the meaning of the word.

Another uplifting speech was given by graduating student Veronica Wilde.

The commencement came to a conclusion with a video montage presentation of before and after student pictures from their childhoods to present, and beautiful songs performed by students.

Finally, tassel’s were swung, hats in the air, and the fledgling Seahawks of 2014 left their nest.


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