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Division of Forestry Suspends Open Burns

A Message from the Alaska DNR, Division of Forestry – 

As of noon 5/13/14 the Division of Forestry is placing an open burn suspension in effect for the Kenai Peninsula.  This is due to current High Fire Danger and forecasted high winds coupled with low relative humidity’s.

More information can be found on the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center at

This burn suspension will go in affect at noon today 5/13/14.  This will include the use of burn barrels.  We urge the public to re-check any fire they may have started recently to ensure complete extinguishment.


Cooking/warming/campfires are still allowed at this time; however we urge caution and safe practices.  Safe practices include fire placement, available water, a fire break, stay in attendance of the fire, and complete extinguishment.   Cooking/warming/campfires are not to be used for any debris burning.

Please contact at 907-260-4200 for more information.




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