Amazing young pilot at play

On Saturday, a white and orange Piper Super Cub with huge fat tires made repeated approaches and landings at the Seward airport. Flying low and slow, the plane landed like a butterfly in an extremely small footprint, then took off like a mallard, using almost no runway.

The 20-year old pilot was Bobby Breeden, practicing for the Short Field Take Off and Landing (STOL) competition next weekend at the Valdez Fly In and Air Show competition. He has won the past three years.

Bobby and his dad, Bob Breeden have had quite a few Alaskan adventures enabled by their incredible STOL skills. Check out this article of a glacier adventure gone bad:



Best wishes and good luck at the Fly In!

Submitted by Carol Griswold





  1. I am wondering if he was the one pulling loops over the bay Saturday evening. It was impressive.

  2. The looper was a red plane, I believe. Too far away to get photos, unfortunately. Such skill!

  3. Bobby Breenen once again won the Bush Class Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) competition at the 2014 Valdez Fly-In competition. He took off in 61 feet, and landed in 55 feet for a total score of 116 feet. Second place went to his dad, Bob Breeden, who took off in 66 feet and landed in 53 feet for a total of 119 feet. Pretty close! The Breedens left the rest of the competition far behind with third place totaling 167′, fourth place at 185′, and fifth place at 213′. Congratulations to both father and son!

    Carol Griswold