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Seward has a new Paddling Association… and an upcoming community-wide Pot Luck!

Situated right on Resurrection Bay, and just a stone’s throw from Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound, Seward is bursting with fantastic paddling opportunities!  Between the local guiding companies, resident paddlers, and visitors wanting to explore these waters – we have a large population of water sports enthusiasts in our area.  With so many people out on the water these days, it only makes sense to develop and solidify the local paddling community and create a common reference point for local information.  And so, the Seward Paddling Association is born!

The Seward Paddling Association hopes to develop and foster a more unified local paddling community and to disseminate information on a widespread level to create both a local and visitor base that is more educated and therefore more aware of safety, risk management, and environmental concerns.  We have established a website that will serve as a great reference point for all paddlers in the area, providing information about all of these topics.  It’s always important to “know before you go”, and our hope is that this website will not only answer many questions folks may have, but will also help people to know which questions they should be asking.  We have listed local resources and contacts, and hope that people getting to know our area or new to paddle sports will get in touch to find some answers and guidance before heading into the field.

Check it out at !!

In addition, we have created a Facebook Group which, at this point, is open to anyone and everyone.  We hope this can become a forum for paddlers to connect to plan slideshows / gear swaps / activities, share tips / local conditions / information, etc.  Seward already has a very strong community of water sports enthusiasts, and we simply hope to solidify those connections and expand our resources as a group.


Please join our Facebook group, and connect with other excited paddlers!  We’re called “Seward Paddling Association” on Facebook.  Anyone, from anywhere, is welcome to join.

We hope to foster a fun and passionate community of local paddlers here in Seward, Alaska.  Unified as a group, we can pool our resources, knowledge, and energy together to create a safer and more enjoyable experience on the water.


To kick off the summer season, we’re planning a community-wide POT LUCK on May 30.  This will be held at the Bronson Pavilion, on the waterfront, starting at 7:00 pm.  EVERYONE is welcome to attend.  Please bring some food for the grill or a side dish, and your own beverages for the evening.  We will speak briefly about the Association’s hopes / goals for the summer, but the main hope for the evening is to get everyone together for some social fun – meet new folks, reconnect with old friends, and jump start the summer of 2014!


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