City of Seward

Nominate Dogi-Spot Station Locations

From the City of Seward – 



Welcome to spring in Alaska as the snow and ice melts away to reveal the exact location your canine ‘went’ this winter. Please nominate any needed Dogi-Spot station-locations. Just email your ideas to Or tell your favorite local dog group your needs: Cause for Paws, the Seward Animal Shelter, Peninsula Pups, SOS Pets, Knots-So-Fast or other caring humans. How many stations are appropriate? Perhaps we do not need more stations, but need more public education. Forward your thoughts and share your ideas.

Let’s work together to get our town cleaned up. Share the message that responsible pet-lovers care for the overall health of our whole community so we all continue to enjoy our outdoor recreation.

If you or your group are seeking a fund-raiser opportunity, and “you don’t mind getting your hands dirty,” contact Karin Sturdy who can provide a SPRD-incentive to pile and dispose the remnants of yesterday’s Scooby-Snacks and dinner. Contact or 224.4053.



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