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Kenai Bears are Waking: It’s Clean-up Time

KBBCKenai Brown Bear Committee Press Release – 

Spring is the time to remind Alaskans of bear awareness

Working Together to Keep Our Communities Safe and Our Bears Wild



Kenai Peninsula~ April through early May is typically when bears begin emerging from dens on the Kenai Peninsula and are out looking for food for themselves and their young. That means it’s time to take down bird feeders, clean up garbage and secure items around homes, businesses, and recreation areas that might attract bears and other wildlife. Handling attractants responsibly helps reduce conflicts with bears and other wildlife and can help keep your community safe.


Here are some key bear awareness reminders to keep in mind as bears wake up and become active:

  • Garbage: Use bear-resistant trash containers; keep garbage inside until trash pick-up, or dispose of waste immediately at a transfer station. Remember, if a bear gets into your trash, you can be fined!
  • Freezers: Keep freezers locked in a secure building or otherwise out of reach of bears.
  • Birdseed: Don’t feed birds during active bear season (April 1- November 1). Clean up spilled birdseed.
  • Livestock and Pets: Install electric fences to keep bears out of animal pens, corrals, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, beehives and orchards. Store pet and livestock food out of reach of bears.
  • Fish Waste, Gear, and Fishing: If you clean fish at home, keep all fish waste in a freezer out of reach of bears until garbage pick-up. Store fish nets, tackle, and line indoors, in a garage or shed, or otherwise out of reach of bears.
  • Barbecue grills: Clean thoroughly with a wire brush after grilling, empty grease traps, and store inside if possible when not in use.

The Kenai Brown Bear Committee is a diverse group of state and federal agencies, private entities and nonprofit organizations focused on minimizing human-wildlife conflicts through public education. For more information about the committee and to find additional information about what residents can do to promote responsible stewardship of Alaska’s bears, please visit our website at:

 Kenai Brown Bear Committee:


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