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Hubbard Trial Goes to Jury, More Charges Dismissed

By Rick Smeriglio for SCN –

Shortly before 4:00 pm on Tuesday the 15, the case of State of Alaska v. James T. Hubbard and Rhonda K. Anderson-Hubbard went to jury. Judge Anna M. Moran read aloud to the jury each count against the Hubbards. She gave them their final instructions and sent them to deliberate amongst themselves as to guilt or not on each one of 12 remaining charges against the Hubbards. The jury of six women and six men handed over their individual cell phones and trooped into the jury room. They had strict instructions from the Judge that they could only communicate with the bailiff and to her only in writing.

Before the jury went into deliberations, Judge Moran dismissed all remaining charges against J&R Fisheries. She also dismissed one charge against Rhonda-Anderson Hubbard for failing to file a fish ticket for 719 pounds of halibut. Technically, the Judge granted defense “motions of acquittal” on those charges against the Hubbards.

In closing statements, State of Alaska emphasized that the Hubbards “gamed the system”, had financial motive and that the case hinged on specifics of the law. The Hubbard defense emphasized “over-zealous prosecution and over-zealous law enforcement” as well as “disastrous presentation” from State of Alaska that resulted in frequent dismissal of charges.


The jury will determine whether James T. Hubbard committed attempted perjury, a class B felony, and whether he filed false fish tickets with the Alaska Department of Revenue. The jury will determine if Rhonda K. Anderson-Hubbard filed false fish tickets as well.



In his article earlier today, Tuesday April 15, reporter Rick Smeriglio mistakenly identified the state attorney. Carol Holley, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alaska in the Office of Special Prosecutions, serves as state’s attorney in this case. Seward City News regrets the error.


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  1. Anyone who knows these people will tell you this is wrong. Shame on you. Best wishes. These people have not been doing business this long to be doing it wrong.