Frozen Playing at High School 4/17

SHS National Honor Society and Theater Program have jointly obtained a yearlong movie licensure from Movie Licensing USA.  This means that we can legally play movies in the HS Theater as a service to our theater-less community and to raise funds for theater  sets and various NHS causes.

* Initially we will be raising money to reimburse the NHS and SHS Theater for the cost of the licensure.

Our first Feature will be:













Frozen by Disney rated PG

Playing on Thursday, April 17th at 7 pm

Admission will be $5

We will also be selling Popcorn and Candy!

We hope to make this a bi-monthly event.  Hope to see you Thursday!



Bethany Waggoner

Mark Teckenbrock



  1. SporadicBird says:

    NPR’s “Fresh Air” just interviewed the songwriters, well worth listening to.
    Thanks for bringing this to Seward, Bethany and Mark!

    Carol Griswold

  2. Glad to see theater films return to Seward. I guess the Liberty will fade into history. Too bad.