Deep Gratitude for Our Seward Heroes

The morning of 3/24 held surprises for some of us.  When I caught  my toe on a frozen chunk of ice and went down with a force of exponential gravity, shattering the femur, on my new hip, I knew instantly I was in big trouble. As I lay there on the side of the road, waiting for the ambulance to arrive, it was comforting to know one of the responders would be Sue Schmidt, a veteran with the Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corp. Sue is a close friend and we knew she’d know what to do.  I had no idea I’d end up surrounded by a team of 5 skilled and talented people! Sue, along with Mary Beth arrived in the ambulance, followed by a Seward Fire Department truck, complete with Issac, Austin and Retired Chief Squires. Tears of joy and relief overcame me because I knew instantly I was in great hands! Somehow they managed to get me up off the ground and into the ambulance. They were gentle and caring, and they knew exactly what they were doing. We may live in a small town, but we have some of the best emergency response personnel on the planet! I’m also grateful to the staff at the ER for keeping me as comfortable as they could, and to the Life Med staff who flew me to Anchorage. They were all skilled and caring professionals and made a horrible situation as enjoyable as possible. I will be forever grateful to them all! Apologies and heartfelt thanks also to the Metco driver in the sanding truck, who saw what was going on and was able to back up and go a different way. Sorry to our neighbors for keeping our road from getting sanded! Hope it didn’t present anyone problems. With Deep Gratitude, Lynda Paquette


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