Bluegrass opens to littlees and adults

Bluegrass Camp file photo from a couple of years ago. Heidi Zemach
Bluegrass Camp file photo from a couple of years ago. Heidi Zemach

The Seward Bluegrass Camp For Kids, which takes place this year July 7-11th at local churches, has expanded to include younger children ages 5-7 who have completed Kindergarten, and late afternoon 90-minute workshops for adults 17-whatever. The growth has come about due to younger siblings feeling jealous of their older brothers and sisters wanting to participate too, and parents or adult community members, watching the kids having so much fun, and wanting to get a chance to learn from all of these marvelous visiting teachers too.

Well, we’ve now made it possible, following the lead of towns like Cordova, which also does this, and we’re hoping for as many of you to sign up as we can.

The younger set will be spending most of the day in a separate location with three musicians specializing in early music education, probably at the Seward Methodist Church. They’ll join the older students for morning activities such as sing-alongs and music jams, and late afternoon activities, such as square dances or informal student performances, plus the final

Camp instructor Amanda Kerr holds private fiddle session for students during a December visit to Seward. Heidi Zemach photo.
Camp instructor Amanda Kerr holds private fiddle session during a recent visit to Seward. Heidi Zemach photo.


concert and evening activities. They have fewer instrumental classes per day in exchange for more art and movement, but they can still take Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin–and my personal favorite–Ukulele, which is relatively easy for them to begin to play at that age, being smaller and with fewer strings to deal with. Those who already have developed certain instrumental skills can join the older children.

The adult students who attend any or all of the four workshops can also take group or private lessons followed by a group jam, using the same instruments, plus stand-up bass and vocals. This is a a great opportunity to learn a new instrument, or break out an old one that has been gathering dust and get reminded how to play it. It’s also a great chance to advance your existing skills, learning from some of the best musicians in the business. Instruments are available for use for those without them.

Signups are underway.

For more info on any of the three camps, visit Seward camps at

or contact local facilitator Heidi at or (907) 224-6473


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