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A Statement from Jim & Rhonda Hubbard

Press Release –

By 8pm Tuesday evening, April 15th, after a year long ordeal the jury deliberated the facts of our case and rightfully deemed us innocent on all counts of felony and misdemeanor charges “heaped”, (as quoted from lead investigator Hinton), upon us by the State. The bias by a few state workers and their 3.5 year investigation on us were painfully exposed over a 7 day trial.  Jim and I appreciated how the Jury worked and grasped the complexity of our case as we labored hard with our legal team to unravel and explain everything that a few State workers tried to tie us up with.

We look forward to getting back to business as usual, serving our community, and recovering our reputation from such harsh felony allegations.  Secondly, we especially want to help the State learn that while we as citizens are required to follow State law and administrative codes so should they.  Because they did not follow the law and codes they not only lost this case with a huge blush, but caused us and many others a colossal waste of time, money and emotional energy.

In spite of this being an unnecessary taking of peoples’ time, the time that the jurors, our witnesses and our legal team gave us was absolutely stellar.  They were professional and honored the system with solid integrity.  I wish to thank my friends and family who took time out of their day to be in the gallery showing their support for us during trial, along with those in our community and industry who had solid faith in our innocence and prayed earnestly for our ability to defend ourselves.  We have been sincerely heartened by all of you.


Lastly, just to correct the press release published on 4/10/13 by the Department of Law – Neither us or any of our companies ever owed the alleged $7,000+ to the State in loss tax revenues as noted.  One, it was never that much money to begin with, and two, what money was in dispute was resolved and fully paid within the first half of 2010 when we originally addressed our mistakes with the State in administrative conference.  This highlights only one of many blushing moments the State has had to realize in their flawed charges against us.
We welcome any further questions you may have about the case.
Yours TRULY,

Jim and Rhonda Hubbard,

J & R Fisheries


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