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The Great Alaskan Backcountry Cook-Off

AllisonAllison Fong of Seward won the 2014 Great Alaskan Backcountry Cook-Off earlier this afternoon at the waterfront pavilion. Her dish, Backcountry Quesadillas was a chili-rubbed steak with melted cheddar cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla with carmelized onions and a garbanzo bean salad on the side. Contestants had one hour and a camp stove to cook and a tough critic, Chef Jay of the Hotel Seward, to impress. The Great Alaskan Backcountry Cook-Off was sponsored by Adventure Sixty North and was an event of the Spring Breakup Festival organized by the local YES Group.


This event was a part of Seward’s 4th annual Spring Breakup Festival that runs through today and into tomorrow. Click here for other events running through the weekend :


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  1. ericlandenburger

    Great job, Allison!!!