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Looking for Extras For ‘Sugar Mountain’ Movie Shooting in Seward

The feature film ‘ Sugar Mountain’ is now shooting in Seward for 6 weeks, from March 10th – April 18th.
We need extras throughout the entire film, however, certain days are especially important to make our film work. FYI: You are welcome to come to MORE THAN ONE EVENT if you wish to – in the world of the film it’s a small town after all!
We have a lot of calls and names to get through but we need and value you all greatly. We will call or email you some time within the next two weeks, but in the meantime here is some information which you might like to SAVE THE DATE FOR.
We especially need people on:
MONDAY MARCH  31st  at LOWEL POINT BEACH. This will be an outdoors all day event. There will be tents with heaters, a BBQ, and A RAFFLE  and snacks etc for in between filming. It will be fun! This is a STATE HOLIDAY, so it could be perfect! (Warm attire needed.)
FRIDAY APRIL 4th at The PITT BAR, AFTERNOON/EVENING shoot. Time TBD. (Over 21 yo, please!)
WEDNESDAY MARCH 19 at ST PETERS CHURCH. Apprx 3 hours, day shoot, time to be determined. It will be fun!  Looking for 100 people.
These are non paid events.


There will be specific wardrobe requirements for each event, which we will provide more information on. You are welcome to bring friends and family along with you to these dates.
If any of these dates work for you, please reply and we can immediately put you on the list FOR THAT DATE.  BUT NOTE, due to unpredictable weather, DATES may change.
Ron Holmstrom at:
Please include:
 A Recent Photo, your email address and phone number.
Thank you again. We look forward to meeting you.
Sugar Mountain team 🙂


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