Reminder: Chill, It’s a Drill!

On Thursday, March 27 between 10:15 AM and 10:45 AM you may hear tsunami sirens and, if you are watching TV or listening to the radio, you may hear or see a message that a tsunami warning has been issued for all of Alaska. Chill, it’s a drill! The drill will test sirens to make sure that the tsunami warning system works from one end to the other.

So tell your friends and family:

• You will hear an “all clear” message after the test siren

• It’s not a real emergency

• Do not evacuate your home


• Do not call 911

Remember… on March 27th… Chill, it’s a Drill!

Presented by the National Weather Service and Alaska’s

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, in

cooperation with the Alaska Broadcasters Association.


One Comment

  1. The sirens were loud and clear. The message was also loud, but not clear enough. While the whole town is listening, what better opportunity to tell people to GO TO HIGHER GROUND.

    Fumbling around to find a “local radio station for more details” is not very helpful. We don’t even have a local radio station prepared to deliver these essential details, nor do many other small communities.

    Use the power of the loudspeaker to give helpful instructions. It’s the best and only way to communicate with everyone simultaneously.

    The Seward Fire Chief or other commander in charge should use this powerful and effective means to deliver local updates during the emergency as well.

    Carol Griswold