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Backcountry Camera Exposes Coastal Predator


SEWARD, Alaska – Researchers at Kenai Fjords National Park captured this sequence of events with a time-lapse camera at a Black Oystercatcher nest during the summer of 2013.  They are studying the productivity and chick-rearing habits of these shorebirds.



  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing video. I also ppreciate the weather summaries and other news from Kenai Fjords National Park.

    Carol Griswold

  2. Great video. We have had a mystery in our family that I think I just figured out. When Rachel was 3-4 years of age we put out one dozen beautifully colored Easter eggs the night before Easter. In the morning, we sent Rachel out with a basket to ‘find’ the eggs. She came back in and said she couldn’t find any. We sent her out again and while she was out there I asked the Easter brother, I mean, bunny, where he hid them. He said just on the deck, and on top of the rails so they would be in plain site. When Rachel returned and once again said she couldn’t find any, we all went out and looked. Not one egg in sight, no shell fragments, nothing. They all vanished! We tried to figure out ‘who’ might have eaten or taken them. Dogs couldn’t get the top rail ones with out knocking them down leaving shells, birds would have pecked them and made a mess, squires would have trouble carrying them away and also would leave a mess…
    Now, I think I know what happened to the dozen eggs!
    M Tougas