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A Ready Seward Starts with YOU!

“Winging it is not an emergency plan,” is the theme of a current FEMA campaign. Sadly, national statistics indicate less than 20% of households are prepared for emergencies. March 27, 1964 is proof that disasters happen and in a big way in Alaska.

If you have been procrastinating making a plan, making a kit, and haven’t been informed about emergency preparedness, “A Ready Seward Starts with YOU!” is designed with you in mind. Investing two hours of your time on March 17, 6:00 p.m., at the K.M. Rae Auditorium, will help you learn how to move from “winging it” to nailing down a plan and how to make an emergency kit.

To kick off this free event there will be a Disaster Cookout to demonstrate alternative cooking methods that could be used during an emergency using foods stored in an emergency kit. At 6:30Willard Dunham, Seward resident, will tell his story of the impact of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake on Seward and the residents.


Representatives from the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Kenai Peninsula Borough, and the City of Seward will give brief presentations on how they are prepared today. Seward Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members will talk about household preparedness and show their emergency kits as examples on how to prepare.

Lastly, there will be door prizes related to emergency kits including an emergency radio.

For more information contact the Cooperative Extension Service or 1-800-478-5824.


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  1. Sounds like an interesting and timely program. Thanks for organizing this.
    Carol Griswold