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Worm Composting for Winter

Winter Composting with Worms

Composting in the winter is no fun!  The weekly long, slow trudge out to the compost pile at 20 F below isn’t even an Alaskan’s idea of a good time.

Fortunately there is an easy, fun alternative for composting during the Alaskan winter: Vermicomposting!

Vermicomposting is the feeding of kitchen food scraps to worms.  In addition to cutting down on what goes to the trash bin, they can be effectively turned into rich compost that is beneficial as both a soil amendment and slow release fertilizer. Does it sound too good to be true?  It’s not!

Cooperative Extension Service has a free publication that includes information on building  and maintaining a worm tote, species of worms to use, what and when to feed them, and how to harvest the dark, rich casting that are so good for growing.


Find “Composting with Worms” and “Worms in a Tote” at

We also have hard copies in our office located at 43961K-Beach Rd., Suite A, Soldotna, AK 99669. Call us at 262-5824. We are “Learning for Life”.

Submitted by Lydia Clayton, UAF Cooperative Extension Service, Agriculture and Horticulture Agent, Kenai Peninsula District.



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