Volunteers and Food Donations needed for Seward Middle School Wrestling Meet

Seward Middle School will be hosting the Borough Wrestling Meet on Saturday, February 22nd starting at 10am (in the High School Gym).  To put on a spectacular event, there are 3 ways we could use your help:

  1. We are looking for food and/or drink donations for the hospitality room.  Anything breakfast or lunch works. You can drop these off the morning of the event.  The hospitality room will be in the teachers’ lounge – enter in the pool gym entrance and it is the last door on your right.
  2. Volunteers to work tables:  We need people to help keep the score and run the clocks.
  3. Towel tappers:  If you have a student who can read time well – we would love to have them be a towel tapper!
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If you are willing and able to contribute or have any questions, please call Jason Bickling at 224-9025 or email him at jbickling@kpbsd.org.  Thanks!

Go Silvers!


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