City of Seward, Events

Seward Senior Center Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Board of Directors, front row, from the left: Carol Souza and Lois Schuldt
Back row, from the left: Jody Nelson, Kathleen Barkley, Sue Magyar and Karen Sefton. Photo by Allen King
Mike Little, Fry Master
Photo by Allen King


The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, with a theme of “Dapper Trapper” became an afternoon of delightful laughter. From Mike’s famous fish fry to polishing off with Volunteer baker, Beth Jonhson’s Gold Nugget Brownies and Klondike Gold Bars was only the beginning. Following lunch, the camera lights came on, grips ready to hand over props, and the dressing room was busy with wool felted hats, buckskins and fur shawls being passed around.  Ready! Camera!  Action!


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