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Native Art Classes return to Qutekcak for 2014

NativeArtQutekcak will be starting the 2014 season of the Alaska Native Art classes on Wednesday February 12th 2014.  The classes will run through May and be held every Wednesday and Friday at the Qutekcak Native Tribe office at 221 Third Ave.  They are sponsored through grants from Chugachmiut and Holland America Line. Tools and materials will be available for all who wish to join.

Some of the projects will include……

  • Wood Carving- masks, halibut hooks, kayak paddles-

  • Skin Sewing, moccasins, mittens, trapper hats, beading

  • Grass basket weaving.

  • A primitive fire making workshop will be held outdoors in May.

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  • Glass Arts Classes and glass blowing demonstrations are also being planned (stay tuned).

The classes will focus on traditional methods and materials gathered locally. Students are welcome to bring their own materials as well.

Although there is no set price for the classes, due to the greater scope this year, donations are strongly encouraged for those who are able. Donations of completed student work are also welcome, with all proceeds going towards supporting and continuing the classes. The classes are open to all and participants should be able to commit to at least 3 classes, enough time to see a project completed, although you may attend as many as you like and sign up at any time. Space and materials are extremely limited, so sign up early.  Even if you don’t wish to join, all are welcome to come and watch the artists in action!


Grass Weaving 11:00 am- 1:00pm

Wood Carving        1:00-3:00pm


Skin Sewing/Beading             1:00-3:00pm

Contact: Mariah Johnson 224-3118 ext: 5 for more information, details, a description of the projects and how to sign up.



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  1. Glass blowing sounds fun!!! Any details?