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By Marc Swanson –
I am just wrapping up an exciting DVD project commissioned by KMTA (Kenai Mtns Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area).  The end result is 12 episodes teaching elementary (and older ages as well) the history of the Eastern Kenai Peninsula.  The project uses historic photos along with narration / music / interviews to get a glimpse of the unique history of this area.  (Think Ken Burns format).
Anyhow, the area museums and libraries and friends have supplied hundreds of photographs for this project…. but I’m still needing some key photos (see list below) to help tell the story.  If you have a photo that might fit one of these needs (and you don’t mind it being scanned) please give me a shout either by email or good old fashioned phone (albeit cell phone).  Time is of the essence, please contact immediately if you have something that might fit the bill.
Earthquake– inside damage to a house or business (looking specifically for cans, jars, and shelves strewn about.
Tern Lake (Mud Lake back then) circa 1930-40.


Moose / Bear at Tern Lake
Early Road Construction:  circa 1920-1950
Photo of early one of the early bus lines from Seward to Cooper Landing (circa 1940’s)
Cooper Landing (circa 1940)
Seward town site, pre Earthquake, cloudy grey day
Any unusual or unique photos that could be used in the introductions or conclusions
Later this spring, once the project is finished, we’ll host a premier showing for those interested.  Be on the lookout for this!  Many thanks!


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