Glacier Family Medicine now has EPIC access.

Glacier Family Medicine Clinic is pleased to announce that the staff has successfully completed the application process and training required to access Providence Health Systems electronic health records system, EPIC.


This access is an invaluable tool for coordination of care between facilities and avoiding duplication of tests when patients have any labs, x-rays, physical therapy, etc.  done at any of the Providence facilities.  For any new patients wishing to transfer care to Glacier Family, a signed medical release  must be on file before their confidential medical records can be reviewed.


One Comment

  1. Private enterprise found a way to access and utilize the Epic record system, but somehow, the new federally funded Community Health Center can’t do the same.

    I understand the CHC will spend time and money to copy the records to paper, and then eventually transfer them to yet another, expensive software program. This doesn’t make “cents.”

    Carol Griswold