A Cause For Paws Fur Ball

486140_218974844910277_653126707_nsecuredownloadMarch 29, 2014
All Day Event
Fundraiser for New Seward Animal Shelter Fundraiser

A Cause for Paws – Fur Ball is a day-long fundraiser on March 29th, 2014 to raise money for the Seward
Animal Shelter’s New Building Fund.  The current animal shelter located on 6th
Avenue has unfortunately become insufficient to handle the growing number of
abandon, unwanted, and unexpected pets in Seward and the surrounding
areas.   This year the organizers of the Fur Ball have teamed up with
SOS Pets, a local 501c3 non-profit organization, who have continuously
supported the Seward Animal Shelter by sponsoring reduced costs spay/neuter
surgeries and micro chipping.

Pet Walk


Where: Chinooks to Branson Pavilion
Time: 10:30am check in time, Walk begins at 11am.
Cost: Families-$10, single $5
Registration: Pre-Register at Chinooks or register on day of at Chinooks
Details: Check in at 10:30am to register and to check in! Come out with your friendly pets and enjoy a 1.5 mile walk with other pet lovers! Dressing up in fun outfits is encouraged! There will be hot drinks, hot dogs, pet portraits, and treats for the pets at the pavilion.
Kenai Fjords Tours will be providing transportation from the pavilion back to Chinooks. Please make sure all pets are on leash and that they are friendly with other people and animals!

Fur Ball
Where: Chinooks
Time: 6pm-1am
Cost: $35/ticket March 3 until March 21
$45/ticket March 22-March 29
Tickets: Buy tickets early at Chinooks starting March 3 or you can pay when you arrive that evening.
Details: Doors open at 6pm with the live music of the local band Blackwater Railroad Co. Enjoy the music, wine tasting, appetizers, and the silent auction until 8:30pm. At 9pm the Rebel Blues will start playing. Come dressed in your best “Alaskan” get up whether it’s your Carhartt’s and extra-tuffs or your duck tape dress, and start dancing the night away! Chinooks will be donating $1 for every beverage so make sure you all have a DD or call a taxi. AGES 21+



  1. Is it correct that none of the funds raised will go toward helping the current shelter with it’s needs?

  2. Abbye, the shelter is now under the City of Seward. Many people in Seward drop off donations to them and I’m sure the city does what they can for the animals. Honestly what they really need is a new shelter…hence the reason why we are doing the fundraiser. There is no ventilation, no indoor restroom, no separation of animals. Can you explain how the building of a new shelter wouldn’t be helpful?

  3. And yes, all funds go directly towards a NEW Seward Animal Shelter

  4. Of course a new shelter would be very nice as the building is antiquated and a eyesore. I don’t know how Shelly has held it together and done such a good job trying to keep it presentable, But since this is a municipal shelter is it not the responsibility of the city to build or supply a new building if needed? I don’t know of there ever being a problem regarding separation of animals as socialization between species tends to make them more adoptable. I know SOS supports community spay and neuter and the program has certainly helped lower the euthanization rate as well as the intake rate. So funds raised will be going to SOS Pets specifically designated for a new shelter?

  5. We are all for the socialization of different animals, but what if one comes in with a particular disease?
    We have teamed up with SOS pets this year, a local and established 501c3 non profit organization. All checks get made out to SOS pets for tax purposes and then SOS pets gives the city one large check that is earmarked specifically for a new animal shelter.
    We have been in contact with many of the city employees and the P&Z committee to pin mark a site for the new shelter. The City is involved.
    If you would like to chat more about this please feel free to email one of us…or attend the pet walk and fur ball. We will all be there.

  6. – Lori LeMaster, Ak_bluesky@yahoo.com

    – Sara McDonald, saramonks@yahoo.com

    – Carri Fisher, dolphin_caf@yahoo.com

  7. The city code requires that dogs have an annual license tag. Would it be possible to sell these at the Fur Ball? The license tags are $5 for neutered/spayed dogs and $10 if not. The licenses can be purchased at the animal shelter and at the City Hall utility desk. Bring proof of a current rabies shot. Because the licenses help lost dogs get home, dog owners outside city limits should consider this too.

    Carol Griswold

  8. Carol, I just emailed you back about this 🙂
    We think it’s a great idea for the pet walk. If Shelli wanted to show up and do it that would be great. We are doing a lot to organize it and adding one more thing right now is going to put us over our limited resources. We will definitely put it on our list for next year though.