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Snow River String Band at Anchorage Folk Festival

The Snow River String Band, a new bluegrass group from Seward, facilitated by Jim Pfeiffenberger, performed in front of an audience of 900 at the Anchorage Folk Festival Friday night, Jan 17.

Check them out, video included below!
IMG_4279 IMG_4281 IMG_4290




  1. Such talented and confident, young musicians! Thanks so much, Jim, for sharing your passion with the kids, and for posting the inspiring photos and video. Keep up the good work, Snow River String Band; your future is bright!

    Carol Griswold

  2. Thanks to Heidi for her help with Bluegrass Camps for Kids which provided some of the initial instruction and inspiration for these kids. And to each and every parent of the band members for you support–sure is fun working with your kids.

    Here are links to videos of their other two songs for anyone who’s interested!

    Old Joe Clark

    Worried Man Blues