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Seward Boat Harbor drowning, dive team searches for companion

Patrick Richard, a 51 year old Anchorage resident was found dead in the waters of the Seward Small Boat Harbor Sunday morning Jan 19th near a boat he was staying on. His companion is still unaccounted for. Seward Volunteer Fire Department and the Central Emergency Service Dive teams searched the harbor Sunday afternoon, but discontinued the search when it grew dark. They continued searching the harbor waters on Monday, with the help of a cadaver dog, but called off the search when they came up empty again, and it grew dark.  Richard’s companion has not been located, and the companion’s next of kin have not been notified, according to Seward Police Chief Tom Clemons. It is not certain whether they will search more on Tuesday.

Richard and his companion were reported late for a charter bus, which they were scheduled to return to Anchorage on  at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, according to the police chief. A friend went looking for Richard at the harbor, and found him in the water shortly after arriving at the vessel, and contacted police at 10:20 a.m.

The drowning was not related to Saturday’s Seward Polar Bear Jump-off plunge event, which occurred on Saturday afternoon. Both people were seen by others alive Saturday night, Clemons said.


Both of these cases remain under investigation by the Seward Police Department.

(Updated Monday at 8:44 p.m.)


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