In Memory of Linne Bardarson

LinneThe Bardarson family in Seward is rehearsing for a memorial to Linne Bardarson, (83) who died at home on Saturday, January 4, 2014.  It will contain family live music as well as a video message from Linne, himself, to all who loved him.  His life celebration will be at 3 pm at the Seward High Theater on Sat. Jan 11 with a reception to follow in the cafeteria.

Linne was a giant of a man in many ways, born into a life of adventure on August 23, 1930 in Carmel, California where his father was principal and superintendent of schools. His older brother by 4 years, Baird, was his hero and best friend through life.  Linne’s father died when he was 12. His mother went back to college to earn a degree, and started her own business in Seattle.

Linne had a rocky time in various schools during this transition but learned to be independent at a very early age and completed 3 ½ years at the University of Washington in business, where he was a member of Theta Delta Chi.

He married Dot in 1954 and whisked her onto a cannery tender where they bought salmon from fishermen on the grounds to unload in Petersburg, Alaska.

Linne and Dot’s 3 children spent many summers at canneries in Alaska where Linne was superintendent at Chatham, Port San Juan, and Unalaska.  While living in Seattle they also spent time at their beloved “Bardvilla”, a cabin on San Juan Island.

Linne became a proficient sailor in the 14 International racing class, competing in Seattle and California. He took 2nd place in the Nationals on Chesapeake Bay in 1968.  He competed in the World Championship of the 14 International Sailing Regatta in England at the age of 62, shipping his boat by rail and sea.

He moved his family to Seward in 1970 to take the position of manager of Seward Fisheries for Icicle Seafoods.

He was a past board member of the Seward Chamber of Commerce, Planning and Zoning, Fish and Game, and the Seward General Hospital.

Linne established American Viking Lines in 1974 to line-haul fresh fish, and became the Sealand & Tote agent in Seward.  He sold the business to his son, Blaine, when he was 74.

His second business was Bardarson Marine Surveys. He continued to do boat surveys until he was 77.

He earned his Coast Guard Captain’s license in 1994.

His boats, the “Bardy”, were his passion as he discovered new ways to tweak them and furthermore prove that boats are holes in the water into which you pour money.  He had an amazing ability to fix things. His retirement sent him to “the office” on the boat where he held court with fishermen and yachtsmen who would stop by to ask advice or discuss harbor issues.

He considered himself an expert on everything and was eager to share his knowledge at great length.  Most people listened patiently and were rewarded by his advice, often calling him “the Inspector”.

Linne was well known in Seward as an actor and director in Port City Players and an avid basketball fan. (2001 Fan of the Year).  He was also known as “the man who wore slippers”.

Linne often expressed his great respect for women, often sharing his opinion, “Women are the superior gender.” He championed their personal rights.

His spiritual nature did not include church, which he felt did not help his personal relationship to God.

Although he was a smoker, (and died of complications from emphysema) he often lectured his children, grand-children and greats on the pitfalls of smoking.  As a result, none of them picked up the addiction.

When it came to a project he had tunnel vision, enabling him to avoid distractions.  This inability to multi-task forced his frustrated wife, family and friends to find just the right time to brooch a subject.

He worried about leaving a footprint, but he has left a huge hole in our hearts with great expectations to live up to.

He is best known for his humor, his love of family, boats & basketball, his way with women, his advice, dramatic performances, control, gratitude for his blessings and his ability to forgive.

Linne is survived by his wife of 59 years, Dot Bardarson, his children, Dori Hollingsworth, Blaine and Rolf Bardarson and a loving family of grand-children, Nita & Linnea Hollingsworth, Breanna, Loranne & Leif Bardarson, and Cedar Bourgeois. The great-grandchildren are Zen & Coral Petrosius, David Duren, Hunter Hollingsworth and Freja Bardarson. Spouses of his children are Daryl Hollingsworth, Jean & Carol Bardarson. Everyone lives in Seward except one.

Memorials may be made to the Seward Seahawk basketball program (Box 1049) or Port City Players (Box 794) both in Seward, Alaska 99664.

Arrangements by the Cremation Society of Alaska


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  1. James A Krasnansky

    Sad to hear this. A good Man. I’m looking forward to sharing a smoke with him again, someday.